Ducted Units Installations

Ducted Units Installations

Ducted Units Installations

A ducted split system air conditioning system can quickly and efficiently heat every room in your home or business, with the temperature being controlled through insulated flexible ducting installed either in the ceiling or under the floor.

Outdoor condenser

The outdoor/indoor temperature is regulated by the outdoor condenser, which is positioned either at ground level or secured to the wall on brackets. It is the condenser that cools down and liquifies the refrigerant, for cooling or heating purposes.

Indoor fan coil

The outdoor condenser is connected to the indoor fan coil, located in the ceiling through a network of pipes and electrical controls. While the outdoor condenser and the indoor fan coil are the components that heat or cool your home or business, it is the multi directional ceiling grilles installed in each room that direct the warm or cool air to ensure an even flow to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Multi directional ceiling grilles

The multi directional ceiling grilles come in a range of shapes and sizes, such as square, round and linear, and are manufactured in either plastic or metal.


To keep your air quality pure, ducted split systems have a washable filter installed in the air grille, and for those who suffer from allergies, there are also electrostatic air purification filters available.

Electronic control

For your convenience ducted split system air conditioners are electronically controlled, so you can regulate the temperature to be as warm or cool as you like at the touch of a button.

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